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Common Name: Fluometuron
Chemical Name: 1, 1-dimethyl-3-(a, a, a-trifluoro-m-tolyl)urea
CAS No.: 2164-17-2
Molecular formula: C10H11F3N2O
ACTION: Herbicides

Specifications: ...
Synonyms: Trans-5-(4-chlorophenyl)-n-cyclohexyl-4-methyl-2-oxo-3-thiazolidinecarboxamide; Hexythiazox E. C.; Nissorun

CAS RN.: 78587-05-0

Molecular Weight: 352.8781
Common Name: Lambda-cyhalothrin
Chemical name: Cyano-3-phenoxybenzyl-3-(2-chloro-3, 3, 3-trifluoropropenyl)-2, 2-dimethyl-cyclopropanecarboxylate
CAS: 91465-08-6
Other name: ...
Trade/Common name: Profenophos
Chemical name: O - (4-bromo-2-chlorophenyl) - O - ethyl - S - propyl phosphorothioate
Synonyms: Curacron; Polycron; Selecron; Nonacron

CAS: ...
Common name: Chlorthalonil
Chemical name: 2,4,5,6-tetrachlorobenzenedicarbonitril
CAS: 1897-45-6
Molecular Fomula: C8Cl4N2
Molecular weight: 265.9
Product Name: Azoxystrobin

Synonyms: Methyl (E)-2-((6-(2-cyanophenoxy)-4-pyrimidinyl)oxy)-alpha-(methoxymethylene)benzeneacetate; Pyroxystrobin;

CAS RN.: 131860-33-8
1-Naphthylacetic acid
CAS No: [86-87-3]
Appearance: White crystal
Content: 98% Min
MP: 130-133 degree C
Use: Regulator
Common name: Myclobutanil
Chemical name: 2-(4-chlorophenyl)-2-(1H-1,2,4-triazol-1-yl methyl) hexanenitrile.
CAS: 88671-89-0
Molecular Fomula: C15H17ClN4
Molecular Weight: ...
Product Name: Sulcotrione

Synonyms: Sulcotrione; 2-(2-chloro-4-(methylsulfonyl)benzoyl)-1, 3-cyclohexanedione; Icia0051; Sc0051

CAS RN.: 99105-77-8

Molecular Weight: ...
Product Name: Pirimicarb

Synonyms: Pirimor; Aphox; Pirimicarb; O-(Dimethylamino-5, 6-dimethylpirimidin-4-yl)-N, N-dimethyl carbamate; Piricarbe; 2-(dimethylamino)-5, ...
Trade/Common name: Fenobucarb
Chemical name: 2-sec-butylphenyl-N-methyl carbamate

CAS: 3766-81-2
Molecular Formula: C12H17NO2
Molecular Weight: 207.27

Physical Properties ...
Indole-3-acetic acid
CAS No: [87-51-4]
Appearance: Off-White crystal
Content: 99% Min
MP: 166-169 degree C
Use: Intermediates regulator
Common Name: Brassinolide
Other names: Brassins,BR,Kayaminori
Chemical name: (22R,23R,24R,)-2a,3a,22,23-tetrahydroxy-24-methyl-B-homo-7-oxa-5a-cholestan-6-one)-lactone
Chemical ...
Common name: Cyhalothrin
Other name: Kung Fu, karate, Grenade, Lambda-cyhalothrin, PP321
Chemical name: Cyano-3-phenoxybenzyl-3-(2-chloro-3, 3, 3-trifluoro-1-propenyl)-2, 2- ...
Common name: Fipronil
CAS: 120068-37-3
Molecular Formula: C12H4Cl2F6N4OS
Molecular Weight: 437.2

Physical and Chemical Properties:
White powder, m. P. 200.5 ~ 201 ...
Product Name: Metolachlor

CAS RN.: 51218-45-2

EINECS: 257-060-8

Molecular Weight: Add

Molecular Formula: C15H22ClNO2

Formulations: 97% tech, 96% tech, 720g/l ...
Product Name: Fluoroglycofen-ethyl

Synonyms: Fluoroglycofen-ethyl; Fluroglycofen; Fluoroglyofene; Fluoroglycofen Ethyl Ester; Fluoroglycofen ethyl ester; Ethoxy-2-oxoethyl ...
Trade/common name: Pyridaphethione

Chemical name: O, o-diethyl-o-(2, 3-dihydro-3-oxo-2-phenyl-dazine-6-pyridazinyl) phosphorothioate

CAS No.: 119-12-0

Molecular formula: ...
Product Name: FENCLORIM

Common name : Amitraz
Chemical name: N-methyl bis(2,4-xylylininomethyl) amine
CAS: 33089-61-1
Molecular Formula: C19H23N3
Molecular Weight: 293.4

Physical and chemical ...
Trade/Common name: Monomehypo
Chemical Name: Dimethyl-hydro-2-(1,3-monosodium disolfonat thiopropyl)ammonium, monohydrate

Molecular Formula: C5H14NO7S4Na
Molecular Weight: ...
Product Name: Fomesafen

Synonyms: Fomesafen; 5-(2-Chloro-4-trifluoromethylphenyloxy)-N-methylsulfonyl-2-nitrobenzoylamide; 5-(2-chloro-4-(trifluoromethyl)phenoxy-N-(methyl ...
Common Name: Propiconazole
Chemical Name: 1-[2-(2, 4-dichlorophenyl)-4-propyl-1, 3-dioxolan-2-yl methyl]-1H-1, 2, 4-triazole
Other name: Banner, radar, tilt; Propiconazole; Dadar ...
Common name: Deltamethrin
Trade name: Sadethrin
Chemical name: A-cyanophenoxybenzyl (1R, 3R)-3-(2, 2-dibromoethenyl)-2, 2-dimethyl cyclopropanecarboxylate

CAS Reg. No.: ...
Product Name: Oxyfluorfen

Synonyms: Oxyfluorfen; Goal; 2-Chloro-1-(3-ethoxy-4-nitro phenoxy)-4-trioxy toluene

CAS RN.: 42874-03-3

EINECS: 255-983-0

Molecular ...
Product Name: Propisochlor

CAS RN.: 86763-47-5

Molecular Formula: C15H22ClNO2

Formulations: 92% tech, 90% tech, 720g/l EC, 500g/l EC
CAS No: [68157-60-8]
Appearance: White crystal
Contect: 99% min

MP: 171-172 degree C
Use: Phant growth regulator
Product Name: Pyrimethanil

Synonyms: Pyrimethanil; 4, 6-Dimethyl-N-phenyl-2-pyrimidinamine; N-(4, 6-dimethylpyrimidin-2-yl)aniline

CAS RN.: 53112-28-0

Molecular Weight: ...

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