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Chemical Name: A 5, 6-dihydro-2-methyl-N-phenyl-1, 4-oxathiin-3-carboxamide
CAS No.: 5234-68-4
Formula: C12H13NO2S
Molecular Weight: 235. 31
Action: Fungicide

Physical and Chemical Properties: Carboxin technical is light yellow powder. Its melting point is 91. 5~92. 5 degree C (single crystal), 98. 5~100 degree C (double crystal). The vapor pressure at 25 degree C is 0. 025mPa. The density is 1. 36g/cm3. Solubility in water: 0. 199 g/l at 25 degree C Solubility in other solvents: Acetone 177 g/kg; 353g/L in dichloromethane, 92. 5g/L in acetic acid, 88g/L in methanol; Benzene 150 g/kg. Stability: When carboxin is under the sunlight, the DT50 is shorter than 3hour in water solution(pH=7). Carboxin does not hydrolyze at normal temperature in solutions which pH value is 5, 7 or 9. The DT50 is about 24hours in soil. Carboxin can be combined with many pesticides except those are alkali or acidic. Absorption Coefficient: 260 ml/gram Partition Coefficient: 2. 1703.

Toxicity: Acute oral LD50 to rats is 3820mg/kg. Acute percutaneous LD50 to rabbits is 8000mg/kg. No adverse impact is found on rats after been feed with caboxin at the dosage of 200ppm/day for ninety days. LC50 (8days) to mallard ducks and quail are respectively greater than 4660mg/kg and 10000mg/kg. Toxicity to fish: LC50 (96h) to rainbow trout is 2. 0mg/L. Carboxin decomposes rapidly in soil. Field experiments demonstrate more than 95% of carboxin disappears within two weeks.

Application: Carboxin is a systemic anilide fungicide. Using Carboxin to treat seeds of wheat and barley, wheat loose smut and barley real smut can be prevented and cured. Having high effectivity to threadlike nucleus fungi, carboxin is often used as seed treatment of cotton, peanut, vegetable and sugar beet. It also can be used as preservative to lignum. The concentrations lower than 8 ppm can inhibit the growth of basidiomycete's mycelium. In addition, carboxin can control wheat leaf rust, legumina rust, cotton seedling wilt and greensickness.

Specification: 97%Tech, 75%WP

Packing: 25kg/bag, 1kg/bag

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